Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

This project has been out for a while but better late than never. Keznamdi released Skyline Levels vol 1 earlier this year, and I’ve brought it here for you to hear. It’s lovely, the vibe it gives off is when you wake up early on a Saturday morning, burst open your windows to see perfect weather, so you decide to start washing or cleaning. After deciding to clean, you’d put on this EP. The songs compliment each other, you need not skip any, just let it play out, enjoying all of them.

I can’t even pick a fave off the project, but if I was forced to, I think I’d pick “So Right”. Take a listen to Skyline Levels vol 1; comment below your favourite song.

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Expression Wednesdays

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing 2 song that I’m feeling right now, “Cave Of Hearts” by Indie Allen, off his new EP “The Indie Movement.” This song honestly makes me miss my first love, simply because at this point in my life he’s the only true love I’ve had; this song makes me wish I was in love.

And “Lost Love” by Keznamdi, his new single. For a song about heartbreak the upbeat riddim and swing it has makes you want to rock and sing along.


Reggae Month Whiteboard Series

Hello Everyone 🙂

I’d like to highlight how Kulture Shocked celebrates Reggae Month, this only goes to show you don’t have to be in Jamaica to celebrate.

“I would post a quote from a reggae song on the whiteboard outside my room along with the singer’s name and song title. Feel free to join in the Reggae Month Whiteboard Series. It doesn’t have to be on a whiteboard, it could be a tweet or a status update.”

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Walshy Fire Presents … Kellisa & Keznamdi – Live For Today

I rarely reblog posts but I’m really feeling this song 🙂 ❤

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K & K

Two of Jamaica’s reggaelutionists and one of dancehall’s futurists have cleverly combined efforts. Naturally demonstrating an image of unity, of oneness–the combination of woman and man, brother and sister reggae singers–Kelissa and Keznamdi have double teamed in aspiration, sometimes in performance and now they share a song.

In one very impressive effort, Kelissa and Keznamdi have collaborated with renowned selector Walshy Fire of Major Lazer fame on a track produced by Walshy Fire himself. Live For Today shows off Kelissa’s songbird skills, exposes Keznamdi’s lyrical vesatility and gives us an ‘easy-does-it’ vibe from Walshy.

What’s impressive about Live For Today is how the hypest man on a stage managed to produce music with such a mellow, shoegaze feel. And not only is the beach-chill style track impressive, but also how easily the vocal stylings of Kelissa and Keznamdi lay over the music, maintaining a sound that remains true to the reggae genre…

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Kelissa Live!

To find something to wear! I ran through my closet, in my head, trying to find the best pick. The scrolling stopped and my thoughts gathered, I got it! I had to be prepared for the freezing night air on Jack’s Hill a.k.a. Reggae Mountain.

IMG_8333 IMG_8343

Since Lexxi and I decided we were definitely going to be early for this event, by 9 pm we were well on our way; the car ride was fast and entertained by the hearty jokes of Denni. I still wonder why he isn’t a comedian. Corner after corner up the steep hill we went, finally arriving at Levels Cafe, 6B Skyline drive. I think the road is named with good reason too.

The view.


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Chronixx on Reggae Mountain

Saturday July 19, 2014

The raving didn’t end with the beach, Lexxi, Minkah and I decided to take in a Chronixx concert in the night. We arrived at the venue terribly late because of some circumstances  but we were set on going. When we arrived at 11:30 they had stopped charging to enter because the venue was full, they weren’t allowing anyone else in but we decided we weren’t leaving after all it took to get there. So we chilled (literally on top of the hill at that hour was really cold) at the gate for a while enjoying the music and the view, my friend Denni who had arrived on time came out and reasoned with us for a while too.

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Keznamdi’s Video Release

On Wednesday May 21st was Keznamdi’s music video release, for his song, ‘I Don’t Wanna’ and short concert.

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