Familiar Stranger

We’ve been waiting for this! Maybe this is the year for love, here I have a brand new single from Evaflow. He recently released “Familiar Stranger” featuring Sara Lugo. Here Lugo’s honeyed melodious voice flows through as the chorus, while Eva shows his spectacular lyrical styling and immaculate rhyming. The groovy instrumental that flowed beneath the lyrics was a mixture of reggae and hip hop with jazz embellishments. The track was produced by Protoje and The DrumKeys.

Evaflow explains, “The term Familiar Stranger has many meanings, not all of them romantic. While it represents longing for someone a connection is yet to be made with, or may have already been made with, but is constantly tested by time and space, it also hearkens to the creation of a goal that has not fully manifested in the physical, and an envisioning of a time when it actually does.”

Take a listen to “Familiar Stranger” by Evaflow featuring Sra Lugo. The lyric video was created by Eric Howard. Drop a comment below and let me know what you think about the song.


@IamEvaflow on all social media platforms.

@SaraLugo on Instagram.


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