Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

Today is Wednesday! So you know what that means, I’ll be sharing a form of expression. Sharing is caring as they say, and I will be sharing two things that were shared with me. My friend, Patrick, shared this blog post with me, Behold! The Mesmerizing Beauty of Albino People. The photos are really lovely, so go and take a look; this one is my favourite.

Sahar, Albino People, Yulia Taits, Sortra, 876Lover,
Sahar. Photo by Yulia Taits.

I first heard this song on a Tuesday, a good while back, at a Sankofa Session. Dj Iset Sankofa was spinning her mix, sharing a collage of musical genres I had never heard before. When I heard this song, I had to go and ask her the name, it was “River” by Ibeyi.



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