Hi Everyone,

Long story cut short (I’m making the long story in an actual post lol,) my iPhone 4s got stolen about 3 weeks ago and this has put back my blogging a little. I used it to take my photos for the blog and I actually had some on the phone to be used in posts, that were to be posted after my study leave (now,) but those are now gone. So I’m genuinely upset because my most recent memories, and photos I wanted to use are gone.

This post just came out of my head lol because I’m making my Expression Wednesdays post (yes, I know it’s late,) and I remembered what I was supposed to post but I can’t. I’m trying to think of a solution but till then I’m gonna make a different post for you all 🙂

Also, remember always look on the bright side…Now check out my (late 😛 ) Expression Wednesday post featuring TAJ.



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