Why Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Keep the peace! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day πŸ™‚

April's Perspective

I have heard fewer questions about why there is even a Martin Luther King Jr. Day than in previous years, yet I have no doubt that there are still many who harbor such feelings. For myself, I am proud that Martin Luther King Jr. was an American who stood up for social justice and the American dream of all of us.

Obviously we have a ways to go before all people β€œare judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.” There may not be signs posted that divide the races, but the fear and suspicion of racism still exist for both whites and blacks.

Yes, we have a black president in the white house, and black leaders of all kinds. Unfortunately we still have racial injustice. Black Millennial Musings gives a very good summary of the issues that are still faced by blacks in…

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